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Commscope Offers Cost-Effective and Reliable Fiber Optic Cable Solutions to Ensure Your Enterprise Has the Best Network Performance and Speed

Are you in need of efficient fiber optic cables to witness robust speeds at affordable rates? CommScope’s Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables offer a number of advantages including minimal installation and lower costs to suit your business requirements. The cables are designed in a manner to offer efficiency and quality of use by a unique method in which the external tape is bonded with the jacket of the cable inside. This gives CommScope’s brand of fiber optic cables special status in offering incredible speeds that are ideal for enterprise usage.

Through it, you will witness faster decision making and organizational flexibility that will be pivotal in securing a competitive advantage. The Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables can ensure your enterprise has seamless and excellent audio and video conferencing capabilities to suit communication needs. It can serve as the focal point of a highly effective digital communications strategy, one that can lead to improved business performance and output.


How Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables Can Lower Costs?

Install Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables to Experience Significant Reductions in Costs

CommScope’s fiber optical cables can enable you to considerably reduce costs. With it, you can witness a dramatic reduction in both capital and operating expenditures that can lead to a substantial amount in savings. The following are some ways in which such fiber optic cables can help you minimize costs:

Deployment costs

Fiber optic cable installation is often time-consuming, which can increase the amount of costs per installation procedure. However, Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables are built for maximum efficiency. Its production design is made to minimize the time taken to install. As a result, it is less complex to install these cables across for your enterprise needs. This is especially important if your office building or data center spans multiple square meters and are keen on securing superior network performance using inexpensive means.

For this reason, deploying Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables for your enterprise’s network performance needs can help you save a considerable amount of money that can be better spent on more critical areas of the business.

Energy costs

Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables are also produced to consume less energy that can make a substantial difference to your overhead costs. Its intelligent management systems allow you to achieve high network speeds using less energy. This makes it a viable alternative to other fiber optic cables.

Asset utilization

Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables allows you to benefit from higher asset utilization due to lower instances of call backs and maintenance costs. The resulting cable efficiency enables you to use it for a lot longer that ultimately leads to lower capital expenditure costs. More importantly, there is greater consistency due to the elimination of tape removal procedure. Since preparing the cable is straightforward and convenient without resorting to shortcuts, the cables can operate a lot smoothly without requiring any fixes to repair any problems.

Lower Labor Costs

The costs involved in installing Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables are also minimized. Improved cable preparation makes the installation procedure far simpler and quicker.

For more information on how to get started with installing CommScope’s Tri-Shield Xpressprep Cables, please get in touch with us today


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