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What to Expect from the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center is an all-in-one solution for SMEs as well as enterprises that want to scale communications and CRM processes while integrating communication systems for centralized management. In simple words, it allows your business to leverage on a powerful business phone system communication system that is intuitive, easy to use, and more importantly, drives customer service and eventually, sales.

Whether you run a call center or have multinational call centers that operate around the world, your business needs robust communication tools with IP telephony that is integrated with the core network to make communications easier to make and manage. This promotes collaboration and productivity from the bottom line, resulting in immediate and long term benefits for your business. Some of the highlights of our intuitive Enterprise Contact Center are described below.


Multi-Modal Communications

You can now put business intelligence in the right place to leverage on consumer driven market. Multi-modal communications implement centralized management and access to texts, calls, call history, CRM data, reports, and more. Call routing can also be optimized according to your priorities, whether on service level, customer identity, or schedule.

Scalable All-Purpose Solution

What better way to transition to smarter communications than to scale your existing systems? Enterprise Contact Center with its rapid deployment and easy to use interface enables rapid ROI. Our system scales various operations in CRM and sales that allow you to respond almost instantly to customer queries, reduce the service time per call, and get historical and real time data on callers, groups, and agents for quality assurance purposes and to drive decision making.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing new and potentially improved communication systems is the capability of integration with the existing systems. In some cases, your business may not have room for extensive integration while in others, it may be the requirement. Needless to say, an Enterprise Contact Center is designed for business process and application integration that really pays off on your investment. As a CRM and communications tool, it is quick and easy to deploy and use, while working cohesively with various applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and more. With centralized management, it is easy to pinpoint where productivity is lacking and where costs can be reduced.

Flexible to Your Needs

Perhaps the biggest incentive for taking Enterprise Contact Center solution from us is the flexibility that your business gets to leverage on. You can issue targeted campaigns, optimize performance on service level, manage dial lists, and promote transparency in both inbound and outbound calls. But the biggest benefit that it delivers is how flexible the solution in is deployment. If you’re interested, get started with the demo today:

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Cloud technology is evolving rapidly, offering compelling opportunities for businesses to move their processes into a cloud-based deployment mode, with many advantagesl. This is especially true for cloud communications. When deciding which communication technology is right for your organization, it’s important to understand VoIP and UC trends, and how these trends can provide an advantage for your business.

Download the Whitepaper to see how to take advantage of Unified communications for your business. 


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