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We strive to provide our customers with advanced, efficient, and superior quality wireless products and services. Our aim has always been to collaborate with companies, offering state-of-the-art wireless products and services. Our search for one led us to Ubiquiti Networks. The company formed in 2005 and soon, became one of the top wireless providers in the United States. They mainly design and manufacture wireless solutions for wireless broadband providers and enterprise.

Over the years, the company has introduced a variety of different wireless products in the category of wireless backhaul, fixed outdoor wireless, and enterprise Wi-Fi. Ubiquiti Networks works towards progressing and advancing its existing wireless solutions by continually adding improvements to increase their performance.

To date, the company has developed more than 20 wireless products and services with each receiving a positive response from its customers. Since the company has been around 11 years, they have developed a loyal customer base. When marketing their innovative wireless products and services to our clients, we did not have to work too hard to convince them of the effectiveness of their wireless solutions because they already knew.

They were familiar with the name of the company as well as their many services and products. This fact has helped us generate sales with small and large size businesses choosing us as their official provider for Ubiquiti Networks’ wireless solutions.

Their reliable products have helped us fulfill our mission to provide our customers with efficient wireless options to enhance their network performance. Some of the Ubiquiti Networks’ wireless solutions we offer include the airFiber 5, 24, and 24 HD, LiteBeam ac AP, LiteBeam ac, and Nano Beam ac, and a lot more.

If you are searching for an effective wireless solution, you should place an order for Ubiquiti Networks’ wireless products and services.  Contact us today!

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Control your network from a single pane of glasswhile using data for

1.) Enhanced Troubleshooting

2.) Efficiency Planning

3.) Hands on Compliance and Security 

4.) Comprehensive Layer 7 Application Visibility


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