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Tips on creating a professional voicemail message

If you are a business that has a dedicated sales department, it is crucial that you establish strong relationships with your customers and always being available for answering their important questions. Doing so will display you as a customer-focused business;  a reputation that is instrumental in establishing your reputation as a business that is credible and trustworthy.

There can be many times in which no sales representative is available to answer the calls of the customers. If your customer cannot get hold of your sales department, there is high chance that they will switch to a competitor and the sale will be lost.  This is why voicemail for your business should be one of your top priorities when setting up your office telephone systems. 

For this reason, it is essential that a business has a professional voicemail message to keep customers informed about busy schedules and direct them to an easier way of sending their queries. Here we present a few tips on how you can create a professional voicemail message.


Sound excited in your message

One of the keys to recording a professional voicemail message is sounding pleased and excited. A customer who listens to a satisfying voicemail message will get a strong professional image about the company and will feel more at ease about their problems and frustrations with the company.

One way to do this is to smile whilst recording the message. A smile will reflect a more positive and relaxed tone of voice, which is necessary in fostering a positive and friendly image in the minds of your customers.

Alternatively, customers who come across a monotonous voicemail message will only get an image associated with a lack of seriousness and interest in keeping customers happy. It can be dangerous to give an unfriendly image of the company.

Do not speak too fast

It is also important that the voicemail message is not recorded too fast. Customers will feel uncomfortable in trying to understand the content of the message and frustrated if they must concentarate jsut to hear what is being said. .Be sure to take adequate pauses between sentences and record your message at a medium pace.

Avoid using background music or noise

Many people assume that adding a background noise or music whilst recording a message will give a more professional image of their company or organization. They cannot be more wrong about this. Having a background noise or music only makes it difficult for your customer to understand or hear your message.

Introduce yourself and the company

Always make sure that you introduce yourself as well as the company when recording your message. This will be crucial in helping the customer get to know the business at a more personal level and also be a means of having long-term relationships. So be sure to state your name, designation, and department in the company.

Provide alternate methods to contact the company

Most important of all, never forget to provide alternate ways to contact the company. It is likely that your sales representatives are busy and may not get to answer calls for some time. Provide an email and a cell phone number.  Provide an option for the caller to press "0" to speak to the receptionist.  

Tell the caller what to do

Ensure the caller knows that he or she is to leave a name, a phone number, an account name or any other information you will need to access their data.  If they need immediate assistance you should direct them to additional resources.  

Reroute the call

Instead of sending the caller to voicemail, reroute the call to the next person in line.  Many times, a caller would rather speak to someone at the time than waiting hours for a call back.  Comworx can help you with Automatic Call Distribution.  This service will apply to most all phone systems.  It will save you time, money and the sanity of your customers.  

End Note

A professional voicemail message is important for facilitating improved customer service and business growth. Comworx helps businesses choose the most appropriate office telephone system to meet their communication requirements. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.




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