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Teledata brings Music to your Ears Throughout Downtown Las Vegas

For years now, Fremont Street Experience has been a place of lively music and beautiful audio visual. The City of Las Vegas is expanding this experience throught much of downtown.  Many sights and attractions being added through the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas including Container Park, Symphony Park, the improvement of the Arts district and more.  Included in this beautification of Downtown Las Vegas is the audio enhancement giving pedestrians the hear music as they stroll the electrically lit streets.  Teledata Technologies recently completed Phase I of the multiple stage project commissioned by the City of Las Vegas.  

The $299,000 project, stretching across five acres, is the first of a multiphase plan to bring the music to other parts of downtown, said Gregory Maher, business development for TeleData Technologies.  The project included installing wireless loudspeakers and amplifiers on approximiately 75 concrete light poles stretching from First Street between Boulder Ave. and Bridger Ave.  This street links Fremont Street and the Art District.  Music will regualry be played from these speakers however in cases of special events such as parades and festivals, the system will allow for live broadcasts making downtown that much more interactive.  


Click here to check out The Las Vegas Business Press for the full article. 

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