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Technology told through Presidential inaugurations

Advanced in Inauguration Day Technology-

Just 2 centuries ago, only few people could say they saw the inauguration, those were the people in attendance.  Now thanks to today’s technology the entire world can see the peaceful exchange of power from most anywhere in the world, LIVE.

Over the course of our history the Innagaural Ceremonies of our Presidents have displayed the changing technologies in our civilization.  

On April 30th, 1789, the first Presidential Inauguration took place in New York City. George Washington was sworn in adding the words, “So help me God,” a tradition carried on by every President since. 

It was not until March 4th, 1845 when President James Polk was sworn while the ceremony was reported by telegraph.  It was also the first to appear on a newspaper illustration. 

Just a few years following on March 4th, 1857, the inauguration of James Buchanan was caught on film as the first photographed ceremony. 


March 4th, 1897 was captured by Thomas Edison’s motion picture camera and William McKinley’s Inaugural Address was recorded over Edison’s gramophone. 

In 1921, Warren G. Harding address was the first President to arrive in an automobile. He was also the first President to have his address broadcasted over a loudspeaker. 

Calvin Coolidge was sworn into office on March 4th, 1925.  His was the first to be broadcast over radio. 

Airplanes flew over- head on March 4th, 1929 after Herbert Hoover was sworn in. 

January 20th 1949 was the first inaugural address to be televised.  Both the address and ceremony were televised and broadcast by radio .

January 20th, 1969 – Richard Milhous Nixon’s Inaugural address was broadcast over satellite TVTV reaching around the world.  

It was not until 1997 that huge leaps occurred and Bill Clinton’s inaugural ceremonies were broadcast across the internet where one and all could witness the ceremony for themselves. 

January 20th, 2009 for President Obama's Innaguaration, NASA used the same technology that Mars Rovers routinely used to image the Red Planet and created a 1,474 mega pixel photograph of the giant scene.  While a camera photo is usually 10 mega pixels or less.. this giant picture shows detail of Hilary Clinton’s White earring and the lettering in people’s hat.  To view click here. 

This was the year where social media was the highlight of the innaguration and many stations featured live tweets on the bottom of the screens while the innaguration was broadcast. 

This year, major phone companies are boosting cell coverage over the mall in Washington D.C.  President-Elect Trump will have Cadillac One , a single limo that replaces a fleet previously used by President Obama.  The Limo, also known as “The Beast” is worth over $1.5 Million dollars. The limo comes loaded with weapons including tear gas cannons and a shotgun.   The windows and doors can withstand biological and chemical attacks and military grade armor that can withstand a full arsenal of roadside bombs, armor piercing bullets and many other types of attacks.  With record-amounts of protests groups, this could be helpful.  In the event of a major catastrophe, “The Beast” harbors a life support machine in case of emergencies and a fully temperate controlled supply of the President-elect’s blood type.

 Security will be the main focus at the event , despite the announcement that there are no known, credible, security threats.   Between 700,000-900,000 spectators will be in attendance.  There will be 28,000 officials dedicated to security from Homeland Security to Secret Service to 7,800 National Guard Troops.  Drones are considered a threat and are strictly prohibited.  In place will be weaponry to shoot them down.

The inauguration will be live streamed by Twitter, Facebook and countless news channels and websites. 

Innaguration Day is January 20, 2017 where President=-elect Trump will take the oath of office. You can view the schedule of events here.

You can simply Youtube for the archived speeches from Kennedy to Obama, but Decades will be airing them from Thursday, January 19 at 7 a.m. until Saturday, January 21 at 10 p.m.  You can click here to check out where to find them. 



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