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Talkaphone is a leading manufacturer of call stations, access control, security, mass notification, and life safety communication.  For over 80 years, Talkaphone has been creating communication solutions and designing robust technology solutions for a diverse set of markets.  Such markets include:

  • Education-Talkaphone helps create and build safe and secure environment so that students, staff members and parents can have peace of mind. Their emergency communication systems are ideal for campus environments, single-building complexes and multi-facility institutions.
  • Mass Transit Market-Tallaphone’s People Mover and Platform Solutions help provide transit security departments with effective communication solutions. Travelers within a transit facility can use Talkaphone’s emergency communication and information phones to report medical and vehicle emergencies. 
  • Healthcare-Through analog and Voice over IP, Talkaphone can provide healthcare facilities with communication solutions that can build notification devices including fire alarm panels, paging systems or LED signage. Additionally, Talkaphone can mass notify outdoor areas through paging towers, wall mounts, paging units, and high power speaker arrays. 
  • Corporate Facilities- Talkaphone provides a broad range of emergency communications and mass notification products including voice over IP emergency communications phones, voice over IP area of rescue stations, signage and paging devices, and mass notification systems.
  • Airports-The People Mover systems at airports can easily report problems with choice of analog and native voice over IP emergency communication solutions. Their hands-free emergency communication systems provide airport and mass transit security departments with effective communication solutions.  Medical and vehicle emergencies can reported easily and efficiently through this hands-free emergency communication system.
  • Shopping Facilities-Talkaphone’s ADA compliant and hands-free emergency communication system provides reliability and flexibility and instantaneous connection to security personnel. This system enables security to address medical emergencies, lost children or homeland security issues as immediately as possible.
  • Municipalities-Talkaphones emergency communication and mass notification solutions help notify populations through in-building notification devices such as fire alarm panels, paging systems or LED signage. Their Giant Voice system notifys outdoor areas through paging towers, wall mounts, paging units and high power speaker arrays. 


Serving over 40 countries, Talkaphone manufactures top-of-the line call stations and communication solutions to provide superior safety for a diverse set of markets.  Their line is cam easily integrate with your existing systems and is customizable for a unique application.  As a high-performance communication system, Talkaphone is the communication solution of choice for your security. 

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Control your network from a single pane of glasswhile using data for

1.) Enhanced Troubleshooting

2.) Efficiency Planning

3.) Hands on Compliance and Security 

4.) Comprehensive Layer 7 Application Visibility


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