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Switch to open Tahoe Reno 1, "World's Largest" Colo Data Center

Switch plans to open the largest colocation data center in the world.  The location with be Tahoe Reno Industrial Center and the stats on the center are mind-boggling.


The location, is set on a 2,000 acre stretch of land neighboring the Telsa Giga Center where Teledata Technologies has already made many contributions.  The data center will total 7.2 MILLION sq feet.  



Energy Stats: 

  • It has a power capacity of 130 MW, a fifth of its 650 MW goal.
  • The Tahoe facility runs on 100 percent renewable energy
  • Greenpeace has also rated the company’s existing infrastructure as one of the greenest companies worldwide.
  • The facility has a tri-redundant UPS power system, and offers up to 42 kW of power per cabinet.


  • 500-mile, multi-terabyte fiber optic network to San Francisco and Los Angeles and connecting the company’s 2.5 million sq ft of data center space located in Las Vegas with 10Gbps circuits at 4-millisecond latency. THAT'S FAST! 

Networx and Teledata Technologies currently has boots on the ground in Las Vegas Switch facilities as well as many other data centers in the Valley.  Upon opening, Teledata Technologies Reno will also offer data center services in Reno.  

For data center services Las Vegas or Data center Services Reno, Please contact us at (702) 933-7600.   

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