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Siemens is the leading international provider of fire safety technology and has been protecting lives for more than 160 years.  Recently, Siemens and Teledata Technologies joined forces to provide the Las Vegas Valley with exceptional fire systems.  Siemens line of fire safety is comprised of reliable fire detection, fast alarming and evacuation processes that is custom tailored for each room or building.  Siemens recognizes that each fire safety market is different, which is why Siemens is committed to engineering scalable, customizable fire systems that is easy to expand for future building additions. Siemens continually invests in research and development, which has allowed them to engineer the highesy-quality fire safety products and most unique fire protection systems. 

                Siemens offers an extensive portfolio of extensive fire safety products which covers every aspect of fire safety.  This includes:

  • Danger Management-Siemens features addressable fire alarm systems such as the Cebrerus DMS- a customizable danger management system that builds a smarter and more flexible building protection system. The Cebrebrus DMS enables users to respond to life safety and security events, integrates workflows, ensures quick overview during events and is essentially a fail-proof operation of connected safety and security systems.  The Cebrebrus DMS helps address your system needs and can accommodate to any future expansions. 
  • Alarming and Evacuation-Siemens helps provide deployment of efficient alarm emergency guidance concepts, to help ensure that every person exits your facility or building as safely as possible.
  • Detection Components-Siemens carries intelligent fire safety systems including easy-to-operate powerful panels, reliable detectors, peripheral devices, and intelligent danger management systems.
  • Fire Detection Systems-Siemens fire detection systems are complete and innovative for every demand and scalable. From small to large or simple to complex, Siemens fire detection systems are easy to expand.  Reputable for its accuracy, ease of use for building personnel and firefighters, Siemens fire detection systems trigger a coordinated alarm, so people are led out of danger zones through extinguishing systems and voice messages. 



Siemens fire alarm systems provide unbeatable accuracy, setting it apart from its fire alarm

competitors.  Siemens intelligent fire detection and fire alarm systems support a wide range of buildings, applications and markets and is comprised into three main lines: Addressable, Conventional and Legacy.


Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Siemens Addressable Fire Alarm Systems is comprised of three lines: Desigo Fire Safety, Cebrerus Pro, FireFinder XLS.   Each is made up of fire control panels, fire detectors and peripheral devices, which intelligently detect any sign of fire as early as possible.  The Desigo line in particular, is an excellent choice for virtually all requirements and features comprehensive fire protection solutions. These fire detectors provide maximum reliability and prevent false alarms.  In fact, all Desigo detectors come with a No False Alarm Guarantee. 


Conventional Fire Alarm Systems


Siemens Conventional Fire Alarm Systems is comprised of two lines: TXR-320 and SXL.  The TXR-320 is the latest member of the Siemens Fire Safety family of fire alarm control systems.  It is configurable for single-hazard and dual-hazard applications and releases sprinkler services.  The SXL is a standard fire alarm control system, which incorporates innovative, high-quality design and is ideal for small buildings and structures.  The SXL was originally developed to meet the needs of schools, nursing homes, apartment buildings, retail stores, municipal buildings and small office buildings.  The SXL is a cost efficient, dependable solution for virtually any structure.


 Legacy Fire Alarm Systems


The Legacy Fire Alarm Systems is comprised of two lines: MXL and System 3.  The MXL’s flexible design can meet the requirements of a broad range of applications and is a universally accepted analog fire protection solution.  Its flexibility makes the MXL perfect for a wide range of applications.  The System 3 is the perfect fire alarm system for mid-size buildings and is the ideal choice for owners seeking a cost-effective solution. 


Fire Suppression Systems


In addition to state-of-the-art fire alarm systems, Siemens carries waterless fire extinguishing systems.  The Sinorix fire suppression system is an intelligent and customizable solution that protects your businesses’ most valuable assets. The revolutionary design of the Sinorix brilliantly distinguishes false alarms from actual fires.  Sinorix is a superior level of fire protection that prevents collateral damage to your most critical areas. 


Siemens has been a trusted provider of safety technology for well over a century and is the number one choice for asset and building protection for a broad range of markets.  Siemens covers every scope of the fire safety. In addition to its broad line of fire safety products, Siemens also carries a wide selection of services including life cycle management, alarm management, operational services, system maintenance and knowledge services.   These services are sure to improve the daily operation, reliability and performance of your fire system.


From fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire management systems and their broad range of panels, detections and emergency voice alarms, to a wide range of services, Teledata Technologies and Siemens ensure complete fire safety coverage.  Siemens fire protection systems provides you with the assurance you need for a safer environment for your business. 

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