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Security Partners has been providing quality wholesale monitoring with quick response times, skilled operators and the latest technology.  Security Partners holds multiple central stations with a team of dedicated customer call centers throughout the U.S. 

Security Partners specializes in a variety of services for a wide range of markets including residential, commercial, large industry and government properties.  Security Partner services include:

  • Monitoring- Monitoring is the backbone of any security system and Security Partners takes every alarm seriously. Their team takes responsibility in protecting people’s lives and properties.  Security Partners continuously monitors and protects residential, commercial and government properties.
  • BoldNet NEO- Boldnet Neo is a customizable dealer portal ready to aid in providing quality service. It allows for keeping up with the latest technology and offers clients with the newest and best products.  Security Partners offers mobile apps which alerts users of alarms through push notifications and gives them the option to confirm or cancel.  The combination of compatible systems and alarm monitoring software makes for the perfect backup to stop alarms, protect customers and efficiently dispatch.
  • Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS)- mPERS gives your subscribers peace of mind. Also known as the Life Beacon, the mPERS carries a built in GPS system that works via cellular connection to give users freedom and easy access to assistance.  This two-way communication function allows operators to assess situations and interact with users. 


In addition, Security Partners carries advanced video services which include:


  • Video Guard Tours –Video guard tours provide remote guard protection which utilizes video analytics or choke point IR motion.
  • DVR PLUS-DVR Plus eliminates false alarms. When the alarm is activated, the video surveillance creates a video clip, which is sent to the Central Station and then to the client. 
  • IMMIX-Immix is the video monitoring platform which provides the ability to see and record what sets off the alarms. High trained operators are always ready to identify potential threats to your property.


Security Partners has been providing quality monitoring for nearly twenty years.  With fast response times, reliable operators, and the latest technology, Security Partners is the most trusted monitoring solution. 



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