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As your business develops and grows, it will inevitably encounter an IT overload.  Such cases often leave businesses with the inconvenience of relocating to a larger building in order to store space for computers and servers.  An alternative to relocating your entire establishment would be to move just your offsite data in a data center. Offsite data storage ensures compliance with the various governing body compliance requirements.   If you are located in Reno Nevada, Teledata Technologies is the partner you can count on.  

Data center services provide companies with security, ease of management and efficiency for their data assets.  Teledata Technologies is Reno’s number one choice when it comes to data center design.  As more companies are wanting more control and security of their data, data center services is the clear solution that third party cloud providers cannot provide.  Teledata Technologies is a proud data center designer of some the strongest centers in Switch Reno also known as the Citadel Campus.  The Citadel Campus, located in Tahoe Reno, Nevada, is the world’s largest active data center. 

Data centers services are expanding, as more companies are wanting more control, security and management of their data.  Switch Data Center in Reno, Nevada is just one among many data centers Teledata Technologies is proud to be a part of.  If you are interested in data center design and data center services in the Reno area, consider Teledata Technologies for its expertise of cabling a data center. 


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Control your network from a single pane of glasswhile using data for

1.) Enhanced Troubleshooting

2.) Efficiency Planning

3.) Hands on Compliance and Security 

4.) Comprehensive Layer 7 Application Visibility


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