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We developed a strategic partnership with Rauland because their nurse call system, Responder 5 and Responder 4000, exhibited efficient results in a hospital environment. In fact, their nurse call systems have become one of our best sellers due to the efficiency they provide to hospitals. Rauland's systems have graced more than million hospitals all over the world.

Teledata Technologies benefits from selling the Responder 5 and Responder 4000 immensely, as it has allowed us to earn a reputable reputation amongst our clientele, as a reliable and trustworthy provider of proven and trusted nurse call systems.

Rauland nurse call systems have exhibited their capabilities in improving communications and transforming healthcare in more than one way. The company’s system has proven to improve patient care by allowing hospital staff to focus their efforts on improving the most important aspects of patient care.

To improve how staff members handle communications, we provide them with two of Rauland’s dependable nurse call system:

Responder 5

This nurse call system improves how hospital staffs stay connected with one and other. The system incorporates the latest technology such as pagers, wireless phones, real-time location systems, electronic assignments, and reporting using current nurse call equipment. Hospitals can customize the system to suit their needs. Additionally, the system will help them address and resolve challenges hospitals face on a frequent basis.

Responder 4000

This nurse call system features a non-speech and rich-speech feature designed to fulfill the requirements of the hospital in regards to the budget of the staff and other facilities. The system incorporates a variety of different features such as pocket paging, wireless phones, paging, management software, patient check-in, and the inclusion of the Responder IV system.

If you are looking to purchase a Rauland certified system, you have come to the right place. We can supply you with both the Responder 5 and the Responder 4000. Contact us today to learn more.

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