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City of North Las Vegas and Shortel VoIP Phone System

“Thanks to ShoreTel, the city (North Las Vegas) network operations team can now say ‘yes’ more often to users, and process change requests in about 30 minutes.”

The City of North Las Vegas, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, realized it was high time to capitalize on in-house management as a means to improve operations. With an expiring lease on telephony system from Nortel, the city council was getting frustrated with downtime, increasing running costs, and overall, an unsatisfactory experience.


Major Concerns for the City of North Las Vegas

The inability of centralized in-house management only hampered the budget and workflow of the city council and its departments. Once it was established that the phone systems were outdated with poor responsiveness, the network operations department pinpointed areas that needed to be addressed:

  • The cost of telephony system, both at the time of integration and ongoing.
  • The ability to gain transparency and improved management of systems rather than depending on service providers.
  • The need to quickly and effectively respond to user queries to deliver reliable and satisfactory solutions.

After narrowing down its list of potential service providers, with a lot of consideration given to the end users, the city decided to test ShoreTel system part of its review cycle.

The ShoreTel Advantage

The review cycle was intense for the network operations department with Cisco, Avaya, Altigen, and Nortel providing their systems for live testing. The department however, came to an almost unanimous decision of choosing ShoreTel for its telephone systems. Employees appreciated the features of our system that addressed the city’s key concerns, and gave it the green light after the feasibility and manageability reviews were conducted.

ShoreTel IP Phones and ShoreTel Voice Switches were integrated with the network operations department of the city. These systems were distributed across police substations, IT training centers, and justice facility. With ShoreTel Director helping the city management, troubleshoot, and plan, our systems delivered on the promise of lowering costs and increasing performance. The four highlights of the ShoreTel systems deployed by the City of North Las Vegas include:

  1. Lower Total Ownership Cost (TCO) as a result of careful planning, installation, and implementation with improved administration and management.
  2. Cost savings on T1 lease and toll charges with telephony solution that provides centralized database management.
  3. Improved and more responsive customer service with centralized communication to streamline unnecessary processes.
  4. Improved network operations with simple IP phone system on-site to eliminate the need for frequent vendor assistance.

The incorporation of ShoreTel systems has led to a mutually beneficial relationship that has helped the fast-growing City of North Las Vegas improve management and performance at lower costs. Subsequently, this relationship has helped ShoreTel system become an emerging name in network operations and communications for city councils across the nation.


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