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Lifesize, an award winning company, aims to deliver an award winning audio visual solutions to businesses to improve the way they conduct conferences. In the audio visual industry, they have delivered one impressive solution after another.

Moreover, the company has gone on to perfect their video conferencing solution, expanding and evolving it to meet the demands of businesses for improved audio, high definition video, and fast connectivity to the World Wide Web. When our customers ask us to recommend a solution that can increase their productivity and bring improvement to the way they conduct their meetings, we are quick to suggest the Lifesize Phone HD.

How Does the Lifesize Phone HD Improve Conferences?

Here’s how Lifesize Phone HD improves user experience:

  • Touchscreen system
  • Microphone input expandability for meetings held in large and spacious rooms
  • Ability to call people from more than fifty countries
  • Customizable home screen
  • Easy to use phone directory
  • Camera ability to zoom, tilt, and pan
  • Ability to add custom phone number to invites and emails

For companies with offices around the world, the company’s audio visual can simplify and improve their ability to connect and interact with other employees. In fact, in 2016, the company won the Trust Radius Award for the Top Rated Web Conferencing Software by Users.

We are glad to provide our customers with an audio visual system that works to enhance their experience in a conference or a meeting. As a company, we too strive to provide our customers with solutions that guarantee satisfaction and their choice to invest in an audio visual system.

Do you want the ability to interact with your contacts based in other countries seamlessly and without interruptions? You should try Lifesize’s Phone HD system. Contact us today to learn more about it.

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