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According to numerous business journals and research, the most critical essential to innovation is collaboration.  More and more, companies are now crediting their innovative successes to the work environment, strategically designed to foster collaboration.  The traditional open floor plan design was found to have decreased productivity and collaboration. The solution? HUDDLE ROOMS.


What’s a Huddle Room?

            A huddle room is simply a small meeting space that’s designed to liberate people to move quickly and with ease.  A typical huddle room can accommodate up to five people and features the following equipment:

-TV, LCD or LED monitor

- Video conferencing solutions

-Central table for meeting




Huddle Room Must Haves


            Upgrade any huddle room with must-haves that will make your day-to-day communications function with ease and style.  These five must-haves will help create the collaborative environment a business needs to stimulate innovation.


            Help your business brainstorm ideas by using a whiteboard.  These handy boards can serve as a parking lot for ideas.


Video Collaboration

            Equip your huddle room with video conferencing technology.  These small yet technologically compact camera sets, allow team members to have a seat and meet from wherever they are.  A “conference room” is one click away.



            Project your presentation or video conference through a screen.  Teams can comfortably gather around a 42”-50” range screen, so everyone gets a great view of the feature presentation. 



            Lighting has been proven to increase employee engagement and contribute to better health.  The right amount of lighting can help eliminate harsh looking silhouettes displayed on video. 

            Prevent noise leakage in and out of the room.  Sound insulation and a professional-grade microphone setup can help increase the engagement quality among team members. 


            Complete your huddle room with stylish pieces to accentuate your corporate culture.  The limited space of your huddle room allows you to make bold decisions, giving your office a unique look.  Feel free to browse through Lifesize Pinterest Board to simplify your room design and interior decorating project. 

Huddle Room Benefits

            Huddle rooms offer a more flexible approach to getting work done in a less traditional environment.  These “laid back,” stylish rooms serve as magnets for millennials seeking a collaboration haven.  However, don’t be fooled by these casual-looking rooms.  These technologically packed dynamos ensure excellent sales presentations, business like webinars, job interviews and more.  Their small size makes designing incredibly affordable, yet house serious productivity potential.  These space saving rooms allow employees to do more with less! 

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