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Hikvision is the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions.  Since 2001, Hikvision has been engineering top-of-the-line video surveillance solutions.  The company has been committed to research and development innovation and continues to grow its robust video surveillance product portfolio.  Through more than 2,400 partners in over 150 countries, Hikvision is the industry’s leader in surveillance. 


Hikvision’s foundations lies in their state-of-the-art technology high definition IP and Analog cameras, hybrid, Plug and Play and standalone DVRS, NVRS, PTZ domes, network switches, encoders, decoders, phone apps, VMS software, Central Management Systems, and monitors.  Some of Hikvision’s other features and highlights include:

  • Highly invested Research and Development Team-Hikvision invests hundreds of millions of dollars on research in order to provide the most innovative and reliable technology. Hikvision currently employs over 9,300 research and development engineers
  • Commitment to Education-Hikvision has a team of dedicated security industry professionals who aim to support and educate the architects, engineers, and consultants about their products and solutions.
  • Highly experienced team-A team of highly experienced sales, engineering and technical support ensure that the unique needs of a broad range of markets are met. Hikvision serves a wide range of markets including healthcare, education, retail and critical infrastructure. 
  • Professional Solutions-Every line in Hikvision is rich in analytics and engineered to deliver supreme security for every market.

If you would like to secure your business with the world’s leading manufacturer of video surveillance, Teledata proudly partners with Hikvision to install cutting-edge systems and solutions. 




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Control your network from a single pane of glasswhile using data for

1.) Enhanced Troubleshooting

2.) Efficiency Planning

3.) Hands on Compliance and Security 

4.) Comprehensive Layer 7 Application Visibility


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