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On October 16, 2015, Potter Electric Signal acquired Harrington. Potter Electric Signal brings with it more than 115 years of experience and when you combine it with Harrington’s experience, it increases. Both companies have revolutionized the fire alarm industry, manufacturing advanced and upgraded fire alarm systems such as the digital alarm communicator transmission and the addressable fire alarm systems.

However, to the relief of concerned customers of Harrington, the company made sure to keep Harrington’s legacy alive by continuing product innovation, providing excellent customer service support, and offering fast turnaround times. Just like Harrington, Potter Electric Signal treats its customers as partners.

We have established our company on the same principles as Harrington and Potter Electric Signal by providing our customers with high quality and reliable fire alarm systems as well as ensuring their concerns are properly handled and their products are delivered on time.

Harrington’s fire alarm systems have enabled us to provide our customers with superior solutions every time. Furthermore, they are recognized by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). The company makes sure that every product they manufacture conforms to the highest quality standards.

For this reason, their fire alarm security systems have continued to impress our clientele from all across the globe. Their solutions have allowed our clients to enhance their security efforts to protect buildings, staff, and products in the event a fire occurs.

The feedback we have received from our clients about the company’s system has only been positive. As a company, we aim to hear the satisfaction in our clients’ remarks about the products of other companies like Harrington we deliver. If you have yet to try Harington’s excellent fire alarm service, we encourage you to try it.

If you require more information on any of the fire alarm products we have in stock, give us a call.



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