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Features that a VoIP Based Phone System Can Provide for Your Company

There are numerous advantages associated with switching to a VoIP based phone system regardless of the size of your business. Let’s take a look at some features of a modern phone system that can totally transform your business for good and increase its productivity:


System Configuration and Management

Apart from the obvious reliability and ease-of-use that a modern phone system brings to a business of any size, an added advantage is the scalability.  This means the phone system allows for easy expansion as your business grows.

Busy signals are a thing of the past. Businesses can now set up multiple numbers along with a Central Business Number. The system provides built-in tolerance from mission-critical faults and ensures comprehensive data security. Furthermore, the user-friendly and feature-rich web interface allows easy management of the system.

Call Routing

Modern telephone systems give companies the freedom to disperse their workforces and provide support directly from the field. Features such as Follow-Me calling, virtual extensions, geo routing, day and night modes and several others, work in tandem to ensure that your employees never miss another call no matter where they are in the world.

Call Answering

The first impression is the last impression. The way you greet customers is very important to how your customers perceive you. With phone systems, you can fully automate call reception, use custom greetings, have music or advertisements playing during hold, direct calls to the appropriate department using Direct Inward Dial (DID) based on the customer’s query, and much more.

Furthermore, phone systems offer do-not-disturb features and call screening to automatically filter out unwanted/unimportant calls.


Use SmartID Management to display useful information about each incoming or outgoing call to your employees, giving them the opportunity to serve customers better.

Call Recording

Phone systems make it easy and economical to record and manage calls for quality assurance and regulatory compliance purposes. There are several options available that are suitable for all types of businesses, and you only have to pay for the services you need.

Voicemail and Online Fax

Professionals are often busy and on the move and you can’t expect them to answer every call on time. To cater to their needs, VoIP based phone solutions provide a centralized messaging service, with real time push notifications, ensuring that the message is delivered and they never have a full mailbox waiting for them when they come back. Again, voicemail greetings can be personalized.

The service also offers electronic paperless fax to view on the go.


Most phone systems offer on demand conferencing with advanced management options, allowing easy setup before the conference starts, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

And much more...

The above features just scratch the surface of what a phone system can do for your business. There are still many more features we haven’t touched upon, such as TrueACD queues, call blocking, automatic callback, real time monitoring and reporting, multi-stage dialing etc, which make phone systems the right choice in today’s business environment.

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Cloud technology is evolving rapidly, offering compelling opportunities for businesses to move their processes into a cloud-based deployment mode, with many advantagesl. This is especially true for cloud communications. When deciding which communication technology is right for your organization, it’s important to understand VoIP and UC trends, and how these trends can provide an advantage for your business.

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