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Extreme Networks

Wireless solutions have become a key part of Extreme Networks. For over 20 years, the company has made a name for itself as an award winning wireless appliance provider. They continue to assist small and large organizations make their network connections stronger.


The seamless integration of their wireless technology into an organization’s network infrastructure has allowed them to build lasting relationships with their customers, employees, and partners. Our customers have commended the ability of Extreme Network’s wireless appliances in helping them decrease operating costs and increase sales.

There are several wireless appliances available in the market, but only a few can boost the performance of a network as promised. With over 20,000 customers spread around in over 80, the company has come a long way. Through us, the company has found another loyal fan base of entrepreneurs in need of a reliable wireless solution.

They have developed the industry’s first flow based 802 11ac wave wireless solution. If that is not enough to convince organizations into incorporating their wireless solution, perhaps, knowing they are the NFL’s official Wi-Fi provider will. Interested customers can purchase their ExtremeWireless Access Points, which includes indoor access points and outdoor access points.

We also carry Extreme Networks award winning ExtremeWireless Appliances, which includes their virtual appliances and hardware appliances. Their wireless appliances allow organizations to establish the perimeters of wireless video, voice, and data traffic without placing structural limitations. Customers who want a flawless wireless network performance and who want to enhance user experience at the same time will prefer Extreme Networks solution to others.

Customers who have bought the company’s wireless appliances and access points in the past from us can vouch for the capability of Extreme Networks technology in providing them with a reliable and consistent performance from the first day they integrated it into their network infrastructure.

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