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Small or big businesses, the size of the business does not matter, as they share one common concern. The concern of having an intruder gain access to their business, either after or during business hours. To protect their business and assets, they need to place security cameras on-site to monitor the ongoing activities at all times of the day.exacq-square-logo.jpg

To allow businesses with a better view of their environment, we offer our customers with security cameras from Exacq, one of the leading manufacturers of video surveillance equipment, software, and servers.

The company’s years of experience in the video security industry have led to the rapid expansion of their video management systems. We invite our customers to check out their variety of dependable and reliable security cameras. We carry the following security cameras:

  • Bullet
  • Dome
  • PTZ
  • Box
  • Fisheye

Their security cameras serve different purposes. Customers interested in installing a security camera to monitor their business need to consider the purpose first before incorporating a solution. For instance, their Dome camera offers HD video, allows multi-streaming, and comes with blur detection and face quality enhancement. 

In addition to offering our customers with security cameras to increase their security, we also carry Exacq’s access control integration products. Their security products work wonders to enhance security due to the numerous enhancements the company has made to them such as ensuring snow, wind, and other environmental conditions does not impact video quality.

It is important for businesses to protect their establishment against possible theft and vandalism with security cameras that have the ability to adjust focus automatically and register faces clearly into their system.

If you want to protect your business with Exacq’s security products, contact us so we can provide you with information on the company and their products.

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