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DSC (Digital Security Controls) is one of the largest leaders in electronic security, specializing in video security, location based security, intrusion security, and access control.  DSC security line includes revolutionary control panels, IP alarm monitoring products, and self-contained wireless panels.  Since 1979, DCS has had a reputable history of innovation with the industry’s first small and sleek security keypads and micro-processor-based alarm panels.  These models are just some among many DSC products that set higher standards for performance, convenience and ease-of-use. 

            DSC is a global brand of superior performance and reliability in over 140 countries.  Their state-of-the-art facilities, lead engineers and security experts continuously develop innovations of quality, reliability, efficiency, and high-performance.  Teledata is a proud partner of DSC and rely its products for superior security monitoring, communications and wireless security products.  Some other DSC features and highlights include:

  • Flexible-DSC products work with over 1000 configurable items
  • Durable- DSC products are built to withstand harsh and extreme conditions
  • Compatible-DSC products are built to work with your current as well as future products
  • Easy-to-Upgrade-products are can expand and enhance systems with no replacement



DSC has been a world leader of security for over 30 years.  The company is recognized by various distribution partners as well as its security dealers for their security expertise. If you are looking to secure your company with exceptional security products, consider DSC. 

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NErdy Networking Star Wars Screening

Join Teledata, Anixter, Commscope and Crestron as we network and discuss some industry changes in outlining specifications, RFPs and bet us we can't make it intersting...  

Join us at 1 pm December 15, 2018 for a brief meet and greet followed by discussion with Commscope, Anitxer and Crestron.. and festivities shortly after including a viewing of the movie "Star Wars 8, The Last Jedi"


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