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Game Developer Machine Zone recently accused data storage vendor Peak Hosting of improper fiber cable management and other sub par industry standards.  The game developer produces games such a "Game of War" which went dark for over two hours costing the game maker millions.  The crash was apparently causeed by a third party software bug that caused the network to crash.  

Peak Hosting was contracted by Machine Zone for monthly payments to provide data storageand fiber cable managerment with a price tag that ran upwards of 4 million dollars a month which was subsequently canceled.  Peak Hosting does not believe a third party bug should have been cause for a canceled contract. Now the two sides are fighting it out in the courtroom for over 100 million dollars.   

A statement by Machine Zone deputy general counsel Tracy Tosh Lane that said the company has $23 million in claims against Peak. He quoted Tosh Lane,  “After experiencing frequent outages, MZ visited Peak to investigate and found a data center riddled with scattered cardboard boxes and tangled cords. Peak’s contract to keep our game up and running was a scam that harmed MZ’s business. That’s why we ran as far as we could from Peak, and that’s why we sued them for damages.”


A complaint was filed in Novemeber 2015 detailing the sub par cabaling including piled cables weak infastructres that provide the foundation for the data networks.  The cables were wrapped around steel poles and bent to unacceptable angles, a groosely overlooked and mismanaged data house.  




You can access Machine Zone’s legal complaint against Peak Hosting, via the Oregon Live website, here.



When considering a data hosting company, take the time to look at the infastructure as it is the most important foundation.  We at Teledata Technologies provide the best cabling in Las Vegas and can back up all of our work with a solid foundation.  Don't let outages and poorly handled projects put your business at risk. 



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