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Crestron has successfully created an entire empire based on quality audio visual solutions for homeowners, businesses, and even educational institutions. With an abundance of competition, the company has not let themselves affected by their competitors. Instead, they have gone out of their way to provide their customers with modernized and effective solutions to integrate into their existing structure.


Making customer priority their number one goal, they have introduced their Crestron Digital Media, Sonnex digital audio, Procise surround sound, Crestron speakers, and Creston AirMedia into the market hungry for newer and more advanced audio visual solutions.

We have sold the company’s products to businesses and educational institutions that wanted to give presentations and homeowners who wanted to add a quality audio system to enhance their home theater experience. Their solutions have reached worldwide fame and people can find their audio visual systems in buildings, campuses, homes, hotels, businesses, etc.

Our customers who bought the company’s speakers and audio equipment were happy with their purchase, stating how simple, easy, and quick it is to set the right mood. One of the company’s products we have in stock is their Sonnex Multiroom Audio System. The key features of the system include:

  • Easy installation
  • Multi-zone sound distribution option
  • Includes pre-amp, high-powered amp, advanced DSP, and a 24 x 8 matrix switcher
  • Delivers 48 channels
  • Offers one wire audio transport over fiber optic cable or CAT5e cable
  • Offers 74 stereo zones of superior sound quality
  • Works with AirPort Express and Apple AirPlay
  • Allows users to control equalization and create speaker profiles

The company’s audio visual products make superb additions to homes, restaurants, night clubs, sports bars, banquet halls, and hotels. If you are looking to fill the room with high quality sound, you should contact us to learn about Crestron’s audio visual system’s ability to deliver great results every time.

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