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Collaboration Techniques for Businesses

Collaboration is required everywhere, at every firm, in order to ensure smooth business processing. When we talk about a collaboration technique, usually this word discusses any technical or mechanical process required for business development, but actually, this is not the case. In simple terms, collaboration in a small business requires people of two or more departments meeting together in order to discuss some particular project or business goals. This can be done with a variety of Business telephone systems or in person.

In this way, the individuals discuss, learn, share knowledge, and form an agreement. So when is collaboration required? Well, it depends on perspectives and priorities. In any case, a collaboration technique is required at the beginning of the project, while looking for strong inspiration, and when you are faced with any problem.


Best Collaboration Techniques

Following are a few of the best collaboration techniques required for small businesses:

1.     Good Brainstorming

Brainstorming is thinking about a project and its infrastructure, and coming up with a final idea on how to carry on with the project. It helps in team building, developing communication skills, enhancing sensory perspectives, and providing plenty of ideas. The purpose of brainstorming is thinking about how to begin the project, how to set its foundation, and how to achieve the set goals. Dwelling upon these questions can give food for thought, and reinstate the purpose behind beginning a project.With a ShoreTel Phone system and unified communications solution, you can have shared screen sceesions, shared files and a digital whiteboard for everone in your team to be onthe same page.  

2.     Effective meetings

This technique can be the best solution for all official agendas, provided that it is given a specific purpose. In most of the industries, the purpose of business meetings has become a formality, a period of two hours where people spend time catching up on personal issues. But instead, if firms arrange a particular topic for each meeting and discuss it, they can solve many issues based on budgeting, financing, or business planning. Unifeied communications systems can help to keep all the meeting dates, calendars, emails and updates in one place so everyone has the correct information and ability to be ontime.  

3.     Establish team capabilities for the task

This technique creates a complete package, comprising all those factors, and essential elements required to accomplish the task successfully. When any business firm plans to start a new project, their first priority is to target particular objectives. To fulfill them, they need to have a team that has some specific capabilities. There are four steps to establish these required skills;

  • Create the blank capability milieu
  • Combine the team capabilities
  • Review and process the combined potential
  • Identify them within your employees


4.     Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an innovative technique to collaborate with the project team. Lack of communication can hurt any team but we have video conferencing equipment and software to get over the hurdle of geographical distances. This is when services from companies like Comworx can be of greater assistance as they facilitate teamwork by the following means:

  • Telephone recording systems - If the team leader is out of town, but they have to conduct a meeting, their message can be recorded for other absent employees, so that all the team members are on the same page about the tasks to be performed.
  • Business phone installations - This helps team members communicate with one another with ease regardless of their physical location. 
  • Video Conferencing equipment - Our partners are the est in the industry.  We have Lifesize video conferencing equipment that produces some of the best web video conferencing.  


Now that you know about the best collaboration techniques to be used for small business communications, opt for them to ensure effective teamwork in your organization. Now, More than ever we rely on technology to help us collaborate.  With Unified communications, one system can control your entire call center, multiple business locations or even remote workers.  Download our guide on Unified Communications Solutions and find out how Comworx Business Phone systems and Shoretel Las Vegas can help you make more heads better than one. 






Our next aritcles will look at the secutity questions of the BYOD programs and the needs

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