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Today's data centers house an ever incresing number of bandwidth-intense devices.  These devices include storage systems and bladed servers. They also contain backup servers as well as devices that are required for virtualization. All of these instruments work in tandem and need a common networking connection. This means that there is a need to install physical cabling in order to ensure reliable operations as well as ensure that high performance of the network is available as a standard. The cabling operation in data centers therefore, can only be undertaken by using a scalable and easily managed physical infrastructure.

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The main challenge with cabling for an emerging data center is to accurately assess the current requirements while also leaving room for future expansion. The cabling industry is evolving in the current environment and therefore, there are often standardization issues when installing technologies that require transmission speeds of over 10Gbits/sec.

We will explain here the our quality standard procedure for a cabling a data center. These are some of the ideas that this document will describe:

  • The planning phase of the main cabling infrastructure.
  • The selection of the right components for installing cabling.
  • The implementation of the actual cabling and then testing it properly.
  • Creating a cable routing framework for connecting different equipment racks.
  • The proper management of the installed infrastructure of cabling.
  • Learning about the physical transmission media.
  • Understanding the challenges of installing cabling that supports networking speed of 10Gbits/sec.

We work with the best data centers in Las Vegas.  We offer all of these services mentioned in this series.  Our skilled technicians are trained in the art of cabling a data center with only the best practices and highest standards.  


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