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Axis Communications is best known for developing the first network camera in the world in 1996.  Their design and functionality has only improved from this time.  Even though they have provided other companies with the platform to design and manufacture network cameras, they still hold the title of being the leaders in the network video market.

Their video surveillance cameras are still amongst the most highly demanded cameras in the world. The company has been delivering innovative and groundbreaking solutions to 179 countries. Axis Communications’ global presence has allowed them to gain visibility amongst different industries in various parts of the world.  Teledata Technologies is their certified partner in both Las Vegas and Montana

Moreover, the demand for the company’s products amongst our customers has always remained high. To date, we have not received one negative complaint from our customers who have bought and used the product to increase the security in and around their premises. Businesses can place an order for the following network cameras:

  • Fixed Cameras
  • Modular Cameras
  • Fixed Dome Cameras
  • Onboard Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Panoramic Cameras
  • Explosion Protected Cameras

All the security cameras hold a different purpose. For instance, the fixed cameras can scope out wide areas, the modular cameras can easily blend into the location, and the onboard cameras are used in trains and buses.

It is essential for businesses to select a network camera that fulfills their purpose. If they use a camera that does not meet their surveillance needs, it will put their business, data, and employees at risk of theft and vandalism. We will make sure that does not happen because we have the knowledge and the expertise to provide you with an effective video surveillance solution.

If you are looking for a video surveillance solution, you have found it in with Teledata Technologies and Axis Communications.

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