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            Since 2004, Avigilon has been designing, manufacturing and marketing video surveillance software and equipment.  This Vancouver based company is one of the first companies to offer “end-to-end” solutions that protect organizations intelligently and cost-effectively.  Avigilon revolutionized video surveillance by providing sharper and smarter solutions. Their line of cameras carry higher resolution that gives you the ability to cover more assets with fewer cameras without sacrificing incredible detailed images to enable identification.  Their line of proactive end-to-end solutions are proactive and has the ability to respond quickly and prevent incidents before they occur. 

            Unlike traditional surveillance solutions, Avigilon solutions provide a broader range of coverage and delivers details for identification purposes. Traditional systems are operated from a central console consisting of a security personnel surveying footage behind multiple screens for long periods of time.  Research shows that the average human isn’t suited to watch multiple screens for long periods of time with 100% focus capabilities. Additionally, attention spans are even worse with low resolution. 

            Avigilon’s end-to-end solutions offer intelligent capabilities which encompass HD cameras, software, access control management, and state-of-the-art video analytics.  Avigilon provides sharper and smarter security in 5 primary ways.

  1. Sharper Imagery-High resolution imaging provides a more clear and sharp HD images that maximizes situational awareness over a larger area, while enabling detailed image capture that zooms in on critical items such as license plates and faces. High definition stream management (HDSM) delivers scalability, decoding, bandwidth and storage. HDSM makes optimal use of computing and storage resources.
  2. Smarter Video Analytics-Avigilon’s analytics is exceptionally superior in that it supplies intelligence when incidents are occurring so security personnel can take action immediately. Their highly intelligent analytics minimize false alarms by paying attention to what’s important. 
  3. Smarter Access Control-Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) can be integrated in end-to-end solutions and has flexibility to interface with many systems that you currently have in place.
  4. Faster Response Time-Avigilon’s integrated end-to-end solutions give your security personnel the ability to respond rapidly and prevent damage to your property and staff before it occurs. Its video analytics is able to detect unauthorized individuals in particular zones and alert security to confirm an intruder has entered.  This enables security personnel to take action immediately via camera-linked speakers and call on-site security or law enforcement as quickly as possible. 
  5. Cost Effective-Avigilon’s HD cameras cover more areas with fewer cameras. Combined with HDMS 2.0 technology, Avigilon increases image resolution with minimal requirements and costs for storage and bandwidth.  Video analytics maximizes security personnel capabilities.  Avigilon analytics are designed to run without manual calibration and are easy to learn. However, if needed, Avigilon assistance is available 24/7 and is only a phone call away.


Avigilon is the superior solution to your video surveillance.  Traditional surveillance solutions limit your coverage and are unable to provide rapid response times.  When it comes to securing your organization, Avigilon is the premier choice for sharper and smarter end-to-end solutions.



Control your network from a single pane of glasswhile using data for

1.) Enhanced Troubleshooting

2.) Efficiency Planning

3.) Hands on Compliance and Security 

4.) Comprehensive Layer 7 Application Visibility


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