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Is your PBX Phone System Outdated?


Like Las Vegas, Telecommunications continiuosly changes over the years. Ever evolving and in constant flux; Businesses today have the option to select cloud based phone systems, web-based call centers, and other hosted phone systems. With this regard, traditional PBX systems may seem out-of-date, owing to the many inconsistencies and difficulties associated with managing such phone systems. Among these include scalability restrictions, high investment and maintenance costs, and poor customer service features.

However, it would be too early to conclude that all PBX systems are unworthy of your investment. Throughout the years, PBX phone systems have evolved into hosted PBX systems that offer much greater flexibility, quality, and features at far less price. They also boast the lowest downtime of all current systems. 

Here we analyze some of the ways in which hosted PBX system function better than traditional PBX systems.

Outdated Phone system Las Vegas

Lower costs

Hosted PBX phone systems are far cheaper than traditional PBX ones that can allow businesses to save significant costs. This is because hosted PBX systems do not require businesses to invest a great amount in installing expensive equipment and incurring high maintenance costs.

As a result, hosted PBX systems become far easier to setup and get started as businesses only need to have a strong internet connection, unlike in the case of traditional PBX phone systems.

Off-site location

One of the other great reasons why hosted PBX systems are more beneficial than their traditional versions is they do not need to be located in one central area or building.  Onsite phone systems, for instance, the use of a particular phone number is restricted to the area in which the phone lines are installed. Due to this, businesses are not able to use the same phone number across various locations.

Hosted PBX systems, do not have this problem as voice traffic is managed through the internet. Businesses have the advantage of relocating anywhere and can also expand their offices throughout multiple locations without needing to change their standard number.

This makes it a lot easier for customers to keep in contact with your business and prevents any inconsistencies and nuisances caused to the number due to changed numbers.

Greater flexibility

Through hosted PBX systems, businesses can make any changes to their phone numbers or their user privileges, and other special features without having to pay extra fees. They can integrate their phone systems with important applications, such as social networking applications, e-mail, instant messenger, and web browser and provide a more holistic service to their customers.

End Note

Hosted PBX systems offers many advantages compared to traditional PBX versions, making it an attractive investment decision your business. It is easy to install and set up, generates lower costs, and also gives you multiple flexibility and quality features. Comworx specializes in helping businesses choose the best office telephone system for their requirements. You can read about the upgrade choices here. If you are looking to get started with a PBX system, please contact us via e-mail or the phone so we can get started on providing the best call center software for your enterprise. 


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Cloud technology is evolving rapidly, offering compelling opportunities for businesses to move their processes into a cloud-based deployment mode, with many advantagesl. This is especially true for cloud communications. When deciding which communication technology is right for your organization, it’s important to understand VoIP and UC trends, and how these trends can provide an advantage for your business.

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