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Medical cannabis is a huge topic right now.  Since 2000, cannabis has been available for medicinal purposes in Nevada, but due to unclear laws and mechanisms for opening facilities, the first dispensary didn’t open until 2015.  Like other states that have legalized marijuana both medically and l there is a wide variety of unique laws that are required by the state, city and local municipalities to track this booming new set of products.  These laws are constantly changing due because the industry is just learning how to function. 

When opening an establishment that grows or dispenses marijuana it is important to have experience and know how on your side.  We aren’t just speaking legal help either, there are many laws associated with the technology required by the state and local municipalities that are incredibly important to follow since business laws rely on them.  Since the first dispensary was constructed in Nevada, Teledata Technologies has assisted in the construction of corporate offices, dispensaries and grown houses in Las Vegas.  It is with this experience, our qualified team members can have your entire operation up and running in mere months. 

Most recently we helped with the opening of The Source, a Nevada Organics dispensary on Sahara and Rainbow.   The newest dispensary in Las Vegas looks nothing like a traditional smoke shop.  Upon arrival you feel as though you are walking into a spa with it’s clean look and tranquil atmosphere.  The friendly staff takes care of all your needs and meets all of the state requirements as they great patients, check cards and ensure the legality of all that enter. 20160720_113636.jpg




Security Cameras surround the entrance and monitor all who come inside.  This is not only for the safety of their patients but due to the requirements of the state to provide a well secured area including, CCTV, security systems, key card access, and a thriving network to store all of their information. 



In addition to the requirements of the state, Teledata provided a comprehensive phone system, and beautiful, functional Audio visual displays from signage and editable menus.  Kim Lester of Nevada Organics, described her partnership with Teledata Technologies as “Simple, it was one company, one point of contact that completed the entire project.  We didn’t waste any time or effort putting various projects together. “


The Source recently has their Grand Opening for their Sahara and Rainbow and will be holding a Grand Opening late summer 2016 for the Henderson location.    Please visit their website @ to see more of this industry leading company and folow their success throughout Nevada. 



Teledata Technologies is a one-stop source for all a company’s IT needs.  With our experience in the cannabis industry we are second to none in technology, project fulfillment and customer satisfaction. 

 This November issue seeks to make cannabis recreational, meaning users will no longer have to register with the state, receive a doctors permission or wait the up to four week long time frame to become get credentials.    There is no question that this industry will boom after such an event.  When looking for technical needs in the cannabis industry, look no farther than Teledata Technologies. 


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