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Capt'n we need more power…802.3bt, The New Power Standard is Here

PoE is fantastic, but we quickly realized that it has a certain drawback. More and more devices started to come along that required more power than the PoE standard allowed. New AC wireless access points and some IP security cameras needed more than the 15W that PoE allowed.

Because of this, along came PoE+.   PoE+ otherwise known as 802.3at,  can provide up to 25.5W of DC power to your powered devices.   25.5W of power should be enough, right? Well, not so fast. 


According to Wikipedia, The Standards body IEEE currently working on increasing the amount of power transmitted has newly ratified  IEEE 802.3bt aka 4PPoE (4 Pair Power over Ethernet) this standard just approved,  introduces two new levels of power: Type3 51-60 W ,  and Type4 71-100 W .” (humm, can't state anything above120w to stay labeled as low voltage..)



2018 Sep.27

Power over Ethernet enhancements up to 100 W using all 4 pairs balanced twisted-pair cabling, lower standby power and specific enhancements to support IoT applications (e.g. lighting, sensors, building automation).

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In addition to network devices, wireless access points, and security cameras etc., this higher wattage will allow for the support of new IoT  (Internet of Things) devices. These new IoT devices include medical devices, access control systems for smart buildings, HVAC, and PoE lighting. Sounds like a game changer in the building technology framework, what uses can you find? Besides it’s the right thing to do. Save the AC for the next generation.


Wait, so... what the watt? Let’s say you are looking to upgrade your existing network switches , or want to do a full tenant improvement, build a digital ceiling  or have a ground up project in your future  - do you need PoE, PoE+ or maybe even 4PPoE?    

Gartner noted in a 2017 report that there were 1.5B connected business devices in 2017 and expect there to be over 4.38B worldwide by year 2020. Now that’s a connected World.


These question could get you running in circles, but have no fear. When you work with a qualified technology partner like Teledata Technologies, you get access to engineers who can help you through the power calculations to determine exactly what you need. Have questions ? Need answers? Call or email us. 702-818-8153

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