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5 ways Telephone Customer Support improves customer experience

A company’s success heavily relies on the interaction it has with its customers. Most people would never do business with a company with whom they have had a bad experience in the past. For some reason, companies are cutting their live support down to the minimum.  This produces bad experiences in the eyes of customers and can ultimately lose business. 

Many companies have stopped offering customer support via phones in favor of live chats, forums and social media based assistance. While all of these have their own place in today’s internet driven world, phone systems are still important in ensuring your company’s relationship with its customers.



1. Always be there for your customers

Limiting support hours, or worse, skipping a phone system entirely in favor of internet only support, can result in you alienating a significant portion of your customer base. Customers today want immediate answers. They don’t have the time to send you an email and wait for your response during business hours, or leave a voicemail and wait for you to get back to them. No matter how advanced the workplace gets, having such an option for immediate contact will always be crucial.

2. Always stay one step ahead of your competition

No matter which sector of the industry you belong to, there is fierce competition among businesses and everyone seems to be fighting for customers. In order to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, having a loyal fan base can go a long way in ensuring that not only do old customers always come back to you for business, but also influence close friends and relatives to opt for your services.

When customers realize how easily they can get hold of you via phone, as opposed to waiting for email replies, or worse, trudging through the company’s online tome of FAQs, which promises to answer each and every one of their questions, it builds a sense of trust in them and sets you apart from the competition.

3. Increase efficiency

The last thing a customer wants is to be directed from one attendant to the next, going through their queries or stating their concern each time. With the auto attendant feature on VoIP phone systems, you can identify the customer’s needs and efficiently route them to the appropriate personnel the first time around.

4. Be flexible

Modern business phone systems allow you to forward calls to any phone, allowing customers to get a hold of you anytime from anywhere, once again increasing customer satisfaction and, in turn, their loyalty.

5. Show your enthusiasm

Show your customers that you are not in this for the money alone, and what better way to demonstrate that you care than having a live person “talk” to them and solve their problems one on one.

Better not make the blunder of scrapping the telephone support in your office right now. Just like smartphones and computers, phone systems are still evolving and increasing in capabilities over time, and you need to be at the forefront of this technology in order to avail all the benefits these services provide for your business.


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